PAC Assessment and Auditing

Measure Everything

Sagac uses the country’s leading experts in fundraising, management and FEC compliance to prepare your organization for success through assessment and auditing of your political action committee.

Our simple six-step process includes:

1.     Planning and design to define scope and goals, compliance, accounting and communications channels to be audited.

2.     Interviews to determine stakeholder attitudes and beliefs about your operations, fundraising and disbursements.

3.     Competitive analysis of the market to benchmark your particular PAC against industry standards.

4.     Collect, inventory and analyze programs to determine the true strengths and weaknesses of your current activities.

5.     Survey research to determine how well your current image, message, structures, communications, promotions and disbursement processes satisfy the needs of your constituency.

6.     Final report regarding marketing, operations and governance to enhance your political operation.
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From management to market research, from Issue advocacy and communications to fundraising and electioneering, Sagac is committed to turning ideas into solutions for your advocacy operation.