New to the Sagac Team

Emily Shipley is an experienced public policy advocate having worked in the DC office of U.S. Senator Tom Coburn and the Oklahoma Legislature. Her journalism background has allowed her to be involved in issue campaigns for the construction industry, tribal leaders and the business community. She brings strong client, event and design management skills as Finance Coordinator for Sagac’s political efforts.

Rusty Appleton most recently served as Assistant Finance Director for United States Senator Jim Inhofe, where he helped coordinate and raise more than $6 million. He also implemented a 77-county grassroots organization by utilizing call, walk and mail programs to persuade and motivate voter groups. In addition to campaign experience, he is a skilled market researcher having worked as a manager and analyst for one of America’s leading public opinion research firms. While there, he played an integral part in projects involving media firms, issue campaigns, legislative campaign efforts, conservative non-profit organizations and academia.

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