Ross Joins Sagac to Save Our Secret Ballot

Alexandria, VA – Marc Ross, who served as a Victory ’08 political director for the California Republican Party, signed an agreement today with Sagac Public Affairs to provide consulting services to Save Our Secret Ballot (SOS Ballot).

“Marc’s experience as a political and finance professional for candidates, associations and corporations is instrumental in our strategy to raise the funds necessary to pass SOS Ballot throughout the country,” says Trey Richardson, Sagac Public Affairs’ Managing Partner.

Ross will work with Mary Heitman, Principal of Sagac Public Affairs, who is leading the national finance effort to implement and coordinate more than $5 million for the initiative campaigns in up to 18 states.

Save Our Secret Ballot is a grassroots movement working to secure the secret ballot – the goal is NOT to defeat the legislation, but defeat the idea by creating state constitutional right to secret ballot elections in federal or state mandated elections for public office, for public votes on initiatives or referenda, and decisions of employee representation.    The 51-word amendment simply says:

“To protect and preserve the fundamental right of individuals to vote by secret ballot, where local, state or federal law requires elections for public office or public votes on ballot measures, or designations or authorizations of employee representation, the right of individuals to vote by secret ballot shall be guaranteed.”

Ross has extensive background in leading the advocacy operations, fundraising efforts and public affairs for nonprofits, corporations and political campaigns, many of which have been for the highest offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.  His political experience has taken him to nearly every state and allowed him to collaborate with numerous elected officials as well as local political and coalition groups.  His most recent campaign efforts have been in California, Nevada and Ohio.


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