Sagac Announces Mergers

Sagac Public Affairs has joined forces with two prominent political consults, including Oklahoma City-based Public Issue Advisers, Karma Robinson, Director, and Alexandria, Virginia-based MHeitman Associates, Mary Heitman, President.

These mergers, under the Sagac banner, create the largest provider of integrated campaign finance solutions for political action committees, candidates and advocacy groups in the marketplace.  Sagac now serves more than 160 clients, representing over one-hundred million in political dollars and aligns some of the industry’s strongest marketing professionals for managing advocacy and candidate campaign activities.

The move accelerates Sagac’s plan to expand its services and reach beyond the political action committee and advocacy groups and into the realm of finance, communications and management of national candidate and party activities.

“As part of Sagac’s growth strategy, which includes significant investments in communications, research and personnel throughout the country, as well as mergers with strategically aligned companies, today’s announcement represents the first step toward our goal of providing world class solutions by the best professionals for our clients,” said Trey Richardson, Principal of Sagac.

“By putting together experienced people and creative solutions, we will continue to assist clients in implementing successful political initiatives for the next 20 years,” says Mary Heitman, Principal of Sagac.

“By joining forces with Sagac, we will carry on our legacy of leadership in the political market, while offering our clients the most robust and comprehensive fundraising, communications and research services they can find anywhere,” said Karma Robinson, Principal of Sagac.

This week, Sagac will begin executing the integration of company operations, technologies and client services to ensure a smooth transition and immediate value for customers.

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