Lankford Retains Sagac for Finance Operation

Lankford Retains Sagac for Finance Operation
From The McCarville Report

Rep. Mike Thompson’s fundraising success in his race for the Republican nomination for Congress in the 5th District has been noted by first-place finisher James Langford, who retained Thompson’s fundraiser.

Sagac Public Affairs will provide strategic and day-to-day fundraising services to the campaign, its announcement said. It is credited with helping Thompson raise almost a million dollars.

“I congratulate James and his campaign team for their unprecedented win in Tuesday’s Primary Election,” said Karma Robinson, Sagac Principal. “We are all very excited about assisting in his victory during the Run-off and General Elections.”

“James Lankford’s candidacy is great example of how much momentum can be built from committed, conservative values. We’re happy to be part of moving his campaign and our country forward,” said Trey Richardson, Sagac Principal.

Sagac Public Affairs is a national company providing communications, research, fundraising and management solutions to hundreds of political, non-profit and corporate organizations.

Lankford’s hiring of the firm reunites long-standing political allies Richardson and Robinson with Lankford’s chief consultant, Neva Hill; the three of them have worked in previous campaigns.

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