Fundriasers Unite Under One Firm

Oklahoma City, OK – In the first of a series of mergers to be announced, Oklahoma’s premier political fundraising company, Public Issue Advisers, Inc. (PIA), Karma Robinson, Director, finalized its merger today with one of the country’s top political action committee finance and management firms, Sagac Public Affairs, LLC (Sagac), Trey and Jeri Richardson, Principals.

“For those who watch Oklahoma politics this is no great surprise.  We have worked together successfully going back to 1990 and continue to support each other’s operations in Oklahoma almost daily,” says Trey Richardson of the merger.

“Combining the enormous talents of Karma and her team with ours dramatically increase the company’s footprint and services we provide state and national clientele.  It makes perfect sense to unite under one umbrella,” Richardson continued.

“We have a long working relationship built on mutual respect for one another’s unique abilities.  There are maybe a handful of people in the country with Trey’s depth of knowledge about political committees and finance operations.  Given the needs of the advocacy community and the upcoming 2010 elections, I am excited about the opportunities Sagac has for growth,” says Karma Robinson.

Sagac is a national company with offices in Northern, Virginia, and Oklahoma City. Sagac’s principals and senior management provide fundraising and communications solutions to hundreds of political, non-profit and corporate organizations.  Sagac’s clients currently represent some $120 million in federal political action committee funds annually.

Trey and Jeri Richardson are widely recognized leaders in the political community as strategists and practitioners on issue advocacy and political action committees.  Known for their creativity and research-driven approach to political marketing, they have influenced the direction of political initiatives throughout the United States for the last 20 years.

Karma Robinson is a seasoned fundraising professional who built her reputation by providing winning finance strategies for state and national political clients.  Her credibility and professionalism are unmatched in the Oklahoma marketplace.  She is credited with raising millions of dollars for numerous presidential, gubernatorial, congressional, legislative and issue campaigns.


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