Health Care Compact Scores in Oklahoma

On June 18, 2011 Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) signed HB1273/SB722 and made Oklahoma the second state to sign a health care compact into law, preceded by Georgia. By doing so, Oklahoma enters into an interstate compact relating to healthcare regulations.

A favorite issue of national conservative groups including the Tea Party Patriots, the Health Care Compact uses a constitutional tool to supersede federal regulations on health care. Federal funds appropriated to health care would become block grants to state governments if the compact is consented to by Congress.

SB 722 enjoyed the grassroots support and legislative advocacy of an influential group of conservative activists. Having received progressive objection in other states, the hands on lobbying effort and crucial grassroots communications gave Oklahoma legislators the political cover needed to vote their conscience.

Having a compact in the state of Oklahoma simply means that the responsibility and authority for regulating healthcare is back in the hands of Oklahomans, instead of the federal government. For the sake of manageable healthcare nationwide, we can hope to see this compact passed in the many other states where it is pending.

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