Report on the Results of the Trends in Federal Business Political Action Committees Study for the 2011 – 2012 Election Cycle

For Immediate Release
June 21, 2013

Contact: Jeri Richardson

Washington, DC – Sagac Public Affairs and George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) are publishing the fifth report on the results of the “Trends in Federal Business Political Action Committees Study.” This study was conducted from April 22 to May 21, 2013 and included a sample of more than 2,000 federal business political action committees (PAC) to evaluate fundraising, communication and disbursement activities during the last election cycle.

“The goal of this research, along with all of the PAC research Sagac has provided over the last decade, is to identify the most successful fundraising, communication and political giving tactics being employed in the marketplace,” said Trey Richardson, Managing Partner of Sagac.

According to David Rehr, Acting Research Director at GSPM, “The findings from this study will give individuals working for business political action committees and those studying PACs the opportunity to find out what is working and what could be enhanced in this very important sector of American politics.”

The study was first developed by Sagac Public Affairs in 2004 and is repeated every two years. The intent is to find trends in business PAC programming, however this particular round of research was organized exclusively by Sagac, GSPM, the National Association of Business PACs and Lobbyist.INFO.

Assessment included, latest trends in fundraising, communications and disbursements of federal qualified funds, as well as corporate political expenditures. The report on the study results can be found in the “Research” section under “Reports and Analysis” at, along with detailed charts and additional breakdowns.

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