Employee Profile: Doug Simon

Doug Simon, VP Strategic Initiatives
Sagac Public Affairs

Florida native Doug Simon brings with him 18 years worth of experience in the intersection of business, politics and government to Sagac Public Affairs. Sagac is a national firm specializing in fundraising, communications and market research for the Nation’s top political organizations.

Simon is the new head of the firm’s strategic initiatives program, which works to expand and strengthen pro-business groups throughout the country.

Among the program’s goals is to expand resources for corporations and associations allowing them to better affect election outcomes, ensure access to legislators and help officeholders make better decisions to protect and promote economic growth.

“My role is to help pro-business organizations carry out integrated public affairs campaigns to further their public policy and political action committee objectives,” said Simon. “This entails having the right message, enough money and the grassroots capabilities to make a significant impact upon government,” he continues.

Having served in the Bush White House, the Republican National Committee, U.S. Congress and the National Restaurant Association, Simon builds and implements political operations that produce real results.

“I have worked with Trey and Jeri Richardson [Sagac’s co-founders] in the past. I am drawn to the opportunity to be part of the strategic growth of the company and the pro-business community,” he says of his professional move.

“Today, the costs and regulatory burdens of running a business, small or large, are staggering. Whether you are a healthcare professional, real estate agent or a Fortune 100 company, you have to square off against government every day. I think it’s time we level the playing field,” says Simon.

Doug lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife Christy and their four young children. He earned a BS in Secondary Education from the University of South Florida and an MBA from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.

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