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By Dan Ekstein, Partner
Sagac Public Affairs, LLC

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Weber Merritt and Sagac are partnering on a 2016 elections education series called Impact 2016.  The goal of the series is to educate U.S. employees and association members (not just PAC-eligible folks) about next year’s elections — both the electoral process as well as public policy issues — tailored to your industry.

About Weber Merritt’s Jim Ellis

Jim is a Political Analyst affiliated with Weber Merritt Public Affairs and the author of Ellis Insight. Jim provides political forecasting for some of the country’s largest corporations and associations. Jim’s bio and writing samples are included for reference.

About Impact 2016

Building on our successful Impact 2014 series, we expanded Impact 2016 to offer clients Pre- and Post-election analysis.

Pre-Election Analysis

Provide clear and useful information about the electoral process in the months leading up to the General Elections. Articles will provide nonpartisan information about the mechanics of how candidates and their campaigns work towards winning their political party’s nomination. Articles will also provide U.S. Senate and House of Representative races updates and landscape. The suggested series of articles will include:

In addition to the articles, Jim will participate in two conference calls with client audiences to explain the landscape and take questions.

Post-Election Analysis

Provide a nonpartisan results summary report suitable for stakeholder distribution on November 9, 2016, the morning after the election concludes. In addition to the memo, Jim will participate in a conference call to explain the voting results and their impact.

The following is a schedule for the production of the Post-Election analysis memo. The schedule provides clients with enough time to review and develop a post-election analysis report that can be tailored to their organization and distributed the morning after voters render a decision (specific deliverable dates to be determined, but will likely kick-off in late September 2016).

Suggested Post-Election outline

Additional Materials (click to view):

Jim Ellis Biography

Insight Example Article – Schedule

Insight Example Article – Forecast and review

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